About Us

Our roots begin in Tlacolula, Oaxaca from a multi-generation family of butchers. My mothers side of the family has been working on beef since 3 generations ago and till this day continue the tradition. My fathers side of the family are experts on all things pork and so was my father until his passing.

After witnessing years of hardwork and perseverance, my wife and I couldn't let my familys legacy end there. We are here to proudly offer you traditional Oaxacan ingredients and products while also offering restaurant quality meats, such as our 100% beef Oaxacan Chorizo which is guaranteed to contain at least 25% A5 Japanese Wagyu.

Our Mission

When we took over my family's shop, we promised ourselves to stay true to our roots and our values. We are excited to share our culture with the world, as well as be one of the few carnicerias with true restaurant quality meats. You will never find IBP, Seaboard, Excel, products in our shop. All of our products come from ethical farms that share the same respect and values as we do for the livestock, and our customers.