Upscale Catering for Everybody!

Whether you're looking to have the best wagyu bulgogi tacos, kabobs or a an elevated private chef experience, we have something for everybody!
The following providers use meats found in our shop! Meaning everyone has a halal and quality option! None of our meats could be found at any big chain retailer or wholesaler, making every event an elevated one to remember!
Want to be featured on this page? Send us an email using the template below or text us at (323)990-0114 to create your wholesale account! We will only list providers that have a proven track record with us, to make sure you are receiving the same kind of service WE offer you.

Kabob Senpai!!! The BEST Kabobs in LA!

Kabob Senpai was started out of love of making delicious kabobs with friends and family. After much support and everyone telling Baloo that he had something special, he decided to go all into his kabob business, Kabob Senpai.

Baloo offers Afghan style kabobs along with other delicious Afghani street food, which we at HQ believe to be some of the tastiest ever!

Best way to contact Baloo is via Instagram @KabobSenpai

Chef Justin

Justin is a Chef and a Culinary Artist with a vision: to change the way the average person thinks about food and to change the future of the fine-dining experience through a different approach to using local food with one-of-a-kind flavors and providing singular experiences. He is highly selective in food's authenticity, creativity, and originality. He critically thinks about every point in the process--from creating the dish to when the guest experiences it. As a result, his menus are 100% customizable, ranging from reimagined classics to experimental experiences. He commonly creates four to six-course meals based on what's in season. His primary focus is fine dining Japanese and Mexican cuisine. But is also knowledgeable in various cuisines and loves to put together fusion menus.


Phone number: 213-436-8921

House Catering

We can also cater any event, get together or office luncheon!

We offer you a variety of options we can make in house. From fusion options such as KBBQ Buglogi tacos, to elevated burgers and even traditional hand made Oaxacan mole paired with Jidori chicken, we are happy to work with you on your next event!

Please note we don't offer smashed burgers as we feel that you can not truly appreciate the quality of meat we use once the meat is almost burnt.

Just want somebody to grill your steaks and have everything ready? Just reach out!

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